Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Healthy Cucumber Sandwich

Open faced cucumber sandwiches are delicious and healthy. Cucumbers are excellent for restoring sun damage to your skin. Take 1 slice of reduced fat/fat free multigrain bread and cover with low fat greek yogurt. Slice up a pickling or english cucumber and place on top of yogurt. Sprinkle with crushed pepercorn pepper and crushed sea salt. Follow with a nice glass of ice water!


Jason Knight said...

I have a few friends that have talked about gastric bypasses in the past. I guess that people tend to keep their eating habits once they have the operation done and that can be bad. That would be my only concern with it because I would be used to be eating a lot.


Administrator said...

Well, its a lifestyle change. Your stomach goes from the size of a football to an egg. You cant eat as much or what you did before.