Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie Alternative= Quest Power Protein Bars in Mint Chocolate Chunk!!

OK, so yes, every neighbor's little girl, niece, Sunday School kid, and even those hanging outside of the mall are slinging Girl Scout Cookies. I miss those days...placing my preorder and getting my fresh box. This year, I happened to be in the hospital and needed all of the nutrients I could get. I had packed some new protein bars for my overnight stay as hospital food isn't that great and I being such a picky eater, I knew I needed to stay on my protein path.

In the middle of night, I was starving! No cafeteria, so I tried out a new bar. It was the Quest Bar Protein Bar in Mint Chocolate Chunk. Seriously? No. Seriously?!! It tasted just like a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie! Instead of 160 calories for 4 cookies, it is 190 calories for a whole bar BUT, there are 20g of protein in the bar vs. <1g of protein in the cookies. ALSO, the bar has 15g of fiber vs. 1 g in the cookies. The bar is so much more filling and feels like a real candy bar. It is also great to heat up in the microwave on a small saucer for about 20-25 seconds and then eat with a fork. Deeeeeelicious!~ Click on the link below to order a box!

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