Monday, January 18, 2016

Must Need Products! Veggie Slicer & Cookbook

So this holiday season, I was able to work at Sur La Table, the French culinary bake-ware store. I have never seen so many cool gadgets that seem to be PERFECT for the bariatric patient. These tools will help you eat healthier and believe it or not, they were the best selling tools this holiday season. I probably sold 25-50 a day at the Charlotte store of the veggie spiral slicer. I had several customers come in and they loved it so much they bought them for gifts! Click HERE to Get One Today!

Don't forget your cookbook! Right now it is the #1 BEST SELLER for Gluten Free cookbooks. It gives tons of recipes on things you can make with your slicer. I love making carrot or zucchini spaghetti, slicing apples for salads and dessert and more. Click HERE to get yours now!

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